The TED Case Studies: An Online Journal

The TED Cases Studies is an online journal, published twice a year, that focuses on trade as a primary agent of globalizatio and how it relates to the other aspects of ife that are not trade or economic in nautre. This means that issues such as environment (especially), culture, human rights, labor rights and related topics are of keen interest in the case studies. The cases published here are previewed in a virutal conference a couple of months before their posting that is open to all. Below are the the cases in the TED, organized by when they were posted.





























TED Case Studies, Volume 1, Number 1, September, 1992

  1. AFRICAAfrica Forest Loss, by Jennifer Douglas and Shehu Ibrahim
  2. AUSTRIAAustria Trop Wood Ban, by Christina Patterson
  3. BARRELTurkey Hazmat Trade, by Sawsan Al-Ali
  4. BASELBasel Agreement, by Kevin Cuddy
  5. BEARBears and Trade, by Tung-Lin Wu and David DiLuciano
  6. BEETLEBeetles and Trade, by David Dalbec
  7. BENGALIBangladesh US Waste, by Rina Dey
  8. BIRDSLatin American Bird Export, by Kerri Sperring
  9. BLACKSEABlack Sea Pollution and Trade, by Renata D. Hron
  10. BOTSWANABotswana Cattle Farms, by Forbes W. Hayes
  11. BRAZILBrazil Log Export Ban, by Ruth Ferszt and Sabrina Franzheim
  12. BUTTERMonarch Butterfly, by Carl Scott
  13. CANCODCanada Cod Case, by James Benseler
  14. CHILEChile Timber Farms, by Kathleen Uribe and Sabrina Franzheim
  15. CIGARThai Cigarette Import Ban, by Julie Ferguson
  16. COCACoca Trade and Production, by Carl Scott and Deborah M. Ullmer
  17. COLORADOColorado River Dispute, by Julie Ferguson
  18. CORALCITES Watch on Coral, by Nicole E. Lewis
  19. DANISHDanish Beer Bottle Dispute, by Nina Joshi
  20. DUTCHWDDutch Tropical Wood Import Ban, by Jim Lee
  21. ECCAREC Vehicle Emissions, by Michelle Dearing
  22. ECFURBANEC Fur Import Ban, by Jennifer Fedor and Janet Herrlinger
  23. ECPACK EC Packaging Law, Michelle Dearing
  24. ECUADOREcuador Oil Export Dispute, Angela G. Armstrong and Marlon Vallejo
  25. EGYPT Egypt Tourism and Cultural Heritage Problems, by Gil Bindlegas
  26. ELEPHANTElephant and Ivory Trade, by Karen Sack
  27. FRANCEFrench Alp Ski Ban, by Jackie Arrol
  28. GERMAUTOGerman Auto Recycling, by Michelle Dearing
  29. GERMPACKGerman Package Law, by Michelle Dearing, by Michael Poaletta
  30. GREENGreen Turtle Loss, by Michael Poaletta
  31. GROUSEGrouse Imports Dutch, by Jennifer Fedor
  32. HAWKSBILHawksbill Turtle, by Jenny Jones
  33. HOOFEC Hoof Mouth Ban, Katherine Sebold and Kevin Kurland
  34. HUNGARYHungary Slovak Dam, by Kevin Kurland, Jerry Fortunato, and Leslie Barcus
  35. INDONESIndonesia Export Wood Ban and Subsidies, by Tung-lin Wu
  36. ISRAELIsrael Jordan Water Dispute and Relation to Trade and Environment, by Gil Bindelglas
  37. ITALYBAGItaly Plastic Bag, by Jennifer Fedor
  38. JAPANPLJapan Plutonium Trade, by Amy Craft, Mark Watson, and Alyssa Bleck
  39. JELLYWAX Hazardous Trade Exports from Italy to Lebanon, by Sawsan Al-Ali
  40. JWHALE International Whaling Commission and Japan Whale Dispute, by Nikorndej Balankura
  41. KHAIN Khain Sea Waste Case, by Carl Scott
  42. LAPAZ US-Mexico Lapaz Agreement, by Kevin Cuddy

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TED Case Studies, Volume 2, Number 1, January, 1993

43 LOBSTER US Canada Lobster Feud, by Michaelle Burstin and Amy Craft
44 MALAY Malaysian Raw Wood Export Ban, by Nik Balanakura
45 MANGROVE Mangrove Losses and Shrimp Farming, by Rebecca Hamel
46 MEDIT Mediterranean Sea Pollution and Tourism, by Alessandra Poropot
47 MERCK Merck Inbio Agreement on Bio-Prospecting, by Duaine Priestley and Steve Pearson
48 MONTREAL Montreal Protocol, the Ozone Hole and CFCs, by Michelle Dearing
49 NAFTA NAFTA Trade Treaty and Environmental Aspects, by Dwaine Priestly
50 NEMATODE Nematodes and EC Pine Import Ban on Canada, by Christina Patterson
51 NICARAG Nicaragua Sale of Timber to Taiwan, by Deborah Ullmer
52 NIGERIA Nigeria Waste Imports from Italy, by Alessandra M. Poropat, Jennifer Douglas and Shehu Ibrahim
53 NWHALE Norway and International Whaling Commission Dispute, by Nicole Lewis and Allene Kim
54 ONTARIO Ontario, Environmental Tax on Beer Cans and US Trade Dispute, by Kathyrn T. Bunting
55 OPTION9 Option 9 US Forest Plan and US Exports, by by David Dalbec
56 PANDA US China Panda Trade, by Ruby Lau
57 PFBELIZE Belize Deforestation and Tourism, by Marlon Vallejo
58 RHINO CITES Rhino Horn Trade Ban, by Karen Sack
59 SALMON Canada Restrictions on Exports of Salmon and Herring, by Amy Craft and Michaelle Burtsin
60 SANDIEGO Maquiladoras, Tijuana River Water Problems and Impact on US, by Steve Pearson
61 SHARK Shark Trade, Depletion and Soup, by Jeannine MacKay
62 SHRIMP US Shrimp Import Ban and Sea Turtle Loss, by Jenny Jones
63 SIBERIA Siberia Deforestation, Hyundai, Indigenous People and Exports, by Lisel Heeter
64 SOMALIA Somalia Waste Imports from Europe and Civil War, by Michael Poaletta
65 SULFER Sulfur Pollution EC, by
66 SWIFT Shark Fin Soup, Depletion and Trade, by Jeannine MacKay
67 TAIGA Russia Forest Policy and Exports, Forbes W. Hays
68 THAIBIRD CITES Wildlife Ban (Birds) on Thailand, Julie Ferguson
69 THAILOG Thailand Deforestation, Floods, and Logging Ban, by Paul Macek and Kalaya Chareonying
70 TIGER Siberian Tiger Exports to China and Species Loss, by Rina Dey
71 TIMOWL Timber Cutting, Exports to Japan, and the Spotted Owl in the Pacific Northwest, by Tung-lin Wu and Janet Herrlinger
72 TUNA GATT Tuna Dolphin Case, by Nina Joshi
73 TURKEY Germany Hazardous Waste Exports to Germany, by Sawsan Al-Ali
74 UKCOD UK and Spain Cod Feud, by James Benseler
75 USCANADA US and Canada Timber Trade Dispute, by Nina Joshi
76 USCARTAX US Auto Taxes and Trade, Allene Kim
77 USCHINA US Sanctions on Taiwan for Tiger Trade, by Julie Ferguson
78 USWOOD US Timber Subsidies and Exports, by Jim Lee
79 VENICE Venice Expo 2000 and Environmental Impacts, by Jackie Arrol

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TED Case Studies, Volume 2, Number 1, September, 1992

80 ANTARCT Antarctica Tourism, by James Grall
81 BABYSEAL Harp Seal Protection, by Janet Herrlinger and Peter Erdman
82 COSTBEEF Costa Rica Hamburgers, by Antonio Santiago and Jay Allen Schmidt
83 BERMUDA Bermuda Tourism, by Mark P. Stevens
84 BOLGOLDBolivia Gold Mining, by Angela G. Armstrong
85 BORDER US Mexico Border, by Ben Singer
86 CANCUN Mexico and Tourism, by Christopher Clawery
87 CUBA Cuba Tourist Impact, by Brian W. Hill
88 EXXON Exxon Valdez Crash, by Lauren E. Crowley
89 GALAPAGO Galapagos Tourism and Endangered Species, by James Grall
90 HAWAII Hawaii's Alien Species, by Christopher Clowery
91 JAMES James Bay Project, by Mary-Ellen Foley and Andrew Hamm
92 MAGNUSON Magnuson Fishing Act and Trade Implications, by Elizabeth W. Doering and Geoffrey Plague
93 BEN Ben and Jerry Nuts Amazon Nuts and Fair Trade, by Elizabeth W. Doering and Geoffrey Plague
94 MUSHROOM Wild Pacific Northwest Mushrooms and Trade with Japan, by Heather Boyles
95 GRAND Grand Canyon Air Pollution and Tourism, by Dawn Lanette Mumford
96 PARROT Mexico Bird Trade, by Dawn Lanette Mumford
97 PLANT Plants and Trade, by Ben Singer
98 REPTILE Reptile Trade in Endangered Species from Mexico, by Stephanie L. Turner
99 SST SuperSonic Transport Landing Rights and Ozone Issues, by Tyler P. Shields

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TED Case Studies, Volume 3, Number 1, January, 1994

100 APPLE Japan Apple Imports and PhytoSanitary Barriers, by Heather Boyles
101 BANANA US-EU Banana GATT Case, by Lauren E. Crowley
102 BIODIV Biodiversity Treaty and Trade, by
103 COBALT Cobalt, Sea Mining and Trade, by David Bew
104 CODEX Codex Alimentarius, by Pamela J. Ram
105 COPPER Copper and Chile, by Jay Krasnow
106 EVER Everglades and Sugar, by Kimberly L. Mott
107 FINTECH Environmental Controls Technology, by Breton H. Lyhus
108 FLOWER Flowers Colombia, by E. Amber Ammons
109 GEDDES Geddes Copper Exports, by David B. Higgins
110 GILLNET Bluefin Tuna Pact, by Michaelle Burstin
111 GUAMBAT Guam Bat Imports, by Andrew Hamm
112 GUANO Guano, History and Trade, by Casey Quan
113 HUDSON Hudson Bay Company and Trade, by Chad Cummins
114 TURBOT Canada and Spain Fishing Feud, by Thomas Jandl
115 LATTECH Latin America Environmental Sales, by Z. Zhen Brayman
116 MESQUITE Mesquite Trees, Deforestation and Trade, by Stephanie Haller
117 MIGRATE North American Bird Migration Treaty, by Stephanie L. Turner and E. Amber Ammons
118 CANAL Panama Canal Water Loss and Deforestation and Threats to Trade, by Andrea Quinn
119 PORK Korean Pork Imports and Barriers to Trade, by Andrew W. Roberts
120 PRIMATE Primates and Trade, by Kathleen Uribe
121 PULP Wood Pulp and Trade, by Tyler Shields
122 RIOTRADE Rio Agreements and Trade Impacts, by Z. Zhen Brayman
123 SEMICON Semiconductor Production, Environment Impacts and Trade, by Joshua Rosen
124 SPACEGAR Space, Trade and Garbage, by James Bonnell and Damon C. Morris
125 SQUID Squid and Trade, by Jay Krasnow
126 SFUND US Superfund Cleanup Import Taxes and GATT Case, by
127 TEDS Shrimp, Turtle Excluder Devices and Trade, by Catherine Sebold
128 TRAIL Trail Smelter Case on US and Canada Pollution in 1937, by David B. Higgins
129 TUNA2 Tuna and Dolphin -- Second GATT Case, by Diane McMahon
130 VENEZ US and Venezuela Gas Export and WTO Case, by Jay Krasnow

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TED Case Studies, Volume 3, Number 2, June, 1994

131 BAUXITE Jamaica Bauxite Exports, by Opal A. McFarlane
132 BRAGOLD Brazilian Gold Mines, Environmental Pollution and Trade, by Brett D. Schaefer
133 CEMEX Mexico's Cement Exports to the US and the Dispute on It, by Robert Cook
134 CHILEAIR Santiago, Chile Air Pollution and Transportation, by Marcela Rabi
135 COFFEE Coffee Exports from Costa Rica and the Environment, by Pamela Oakes
136 COLCOCA Colombia, Coca Production, the Environment and Trade, by Brett D. Schaefer
137 COLOMOIL Colombia, Oil Production, the Environment and Trade, by Keri Cooper
138 ESKIMO Eskimos, Whaling and Indigenous Rights to Hunting, by Marcela Rabi and Gary Gomez
139 JAMTOUR Jamaica's Tourism and its Environmental Impact, by Opal Mc Farlane
140 LIFEPAT Life Patenting and Intellectual Property, by by Thomas Jandl
141 LUMMI Lummi Indians in the Pacific Northwest and Salmon Fishing Rights, by Kadija Jama
142 NEW New River, Mexico Pollution and US Trans-Border Impacts, by Ted Pauw
143 PANAM Pan-American Highway and Trade and Environment Impacts, by J. Lance Alloway
144 PERUEC Peru and Ecuador Border Conflict and Proposal for a Peace Park, by Keri Cooper
145 PISCO Pisco Liquer, Trade and Intellectual Property Issues between Chile and Peru, by Pamela Oakes
146 SEACUKE Sea Cucumbers from the Galapagos Island and Trade, by Kelly McKenna
147 CEDAR Japan's Cedar Trees and Health Problems, by Yoko Fujiki
148 KOALA Australian Koalas and Japanese Tourism, by Yoko Fujiki
149 OGONI Ogoni in Nigeria, Conflict and Oil, by Kerstin Moesinger and Amy Maglio
150 ZAMBIA Zambia Animal Poaching and Trade, by Kerstin Moesinger
151 CAVIAR Caviar and Trade, by Andrea Quinn
152 GUANTAN The US Guantanamo Base in Cuba and its Environmental Aspects, by Stephen A. Lisio
153 YACYRETA The Trade and Environment Implications of the Yacyreta Dam, by Daniela Perovic
154 HIDROVIA Hidrovia Canal in South America and Its Transport and Environmental Impacts, by Daniela Perovic and Peter Kelly
155 YELLOW Yellowstone Mining, Foreign Investment and the Environment, by Michael Goulet
156 AZERI Azerbaijan Oil, the Environment and Trade, by Michael Goulet
157 IRIAN Irian Jaya Gold Mine in Indonesia, Conflict, Environment and Trade, by James Lang
158 GREEKTUR Greek Turtle Decline, Tourism and Fishing Impacts, by James Lang
159 WALLEYE Walleye Fish Disease and Environment and Commercial Implications, by Peter Kelley
160 EUMEAT EU BST Import Ban, by Richard Weir
161 UKWATER UK Water Pollution and Imported Technologies, by Richard Weir
162 KUWAIT Kuwait War, Oil, and Air and Water Pollution, by Javed Ali
163 IRANNUKE Iran Nuclear Imports and Environmental Possibilities, by Javed Ali
164 MEXPEST Mexican Pesticides, Worker Health and US Food Imports, by Colleen Tighe

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TED Case Studies, Volume 4, Number 1, January, 1995

165 COLDEFOR Colombia Deforestation and Trade, by Colleen Tighe
166 BALLAST Sea Ballast Infestations from Zebra Mussels and Trade, by William Macon
167 SHELLRIG Shell Oil Rig Disposal and Environmental Implications, by William Macon
168 RABBIT Rabbits in Australia: How They Got There, The Impacts and Response, by Brian A. Tallerico
169 DONUT Bering Sea Overfishing and Attempts to Regulate, by Nejat Dogan
170 CRANE Cranes, Extinction and Migration Across Countries, Nejat Dogan
171 BOSPORUS Bosporus Seaway, Transportation and Impact on Environment, by Jason Meyers
172 CO2TRADE CO2 Trading Rights and Environmental Protection, by Du Tran
173 AUSWASTE Australia Waste Exports, by Du Tran
174 COSTPEST Costa Rica Pesticides, Worker Health and Agricultural Exports, by Junko Saito and Odera Odenyo
175 HIMALAY Himalaya Tourism and Environmental Impact, by Odera Odenyo
176 MOCHO Slovak Nuclear Plant and Environmental Economic Aspects, by Jason Meyers and Leslie Barcus
177 PAPUA Papua New Guinea Gold Mining, Exports and Environmental Impacts, by Michael Booth and Alyssa Bleck
178 SPACEMIN Space Mining: Commerce and Environmental Impacts, by Michael Booth
179 BARRIER Australia's Barrier Reef Coral and Tourism Costs and Benefits, by Deborah Meisegeier
180 BULB Turkish Bulbs and Illegal Trade, by Barbara L. Taylor
181 DIAMOND Diamonds and Trade, by David Bew
182 GEYSER Geyser Energy in Asia, by Carin Houck-Wylie
183 SOLOMON Solomon Islands and Deforestation, by Joshua Calder
184 SYDNEY Sydney Olympics and Environmental Aspects, by Deborah Meisegeier
185 ARAL Aral Sea Loss and Environmental and Economic Repercussions, by Joshua Calder
186 ATATURK Ataturk Dam in Turkey and its Economic and Environmental Characteristics in a Politicized Arena, by Nathan Martz
187 CEDARS The Historic Case of the Deforestation of the Cedars of Lebanon and Trade, by Benjamin Kasoff
188 CASPIAN Caspian Sea Species Loss and Economic and Environmental Implications, by Eyad H. Zayed
189 MARSH Iraq's Marsh Arabs and Water Diversion Projects, by Robert D. Cohen
190 SAUDI Saudi Arabia's Wheat Export Program and Subsidies, by Yannick Poivey and Eyad H. Zayed
191 BENDL Nigeria Bendl Region Logging and Political and Economic Repercussions, by 4. Draft authors: Shehu Ibrahim
192 BENIN Benin Waste Imports, by Senamede Beheton
193 GHANA Ghana Timber and Trade, by Senamede Beheton and Shehu Ibrahim
194 KENYA Kenya Tourism and Wildlife Impacts, by Francois Lenfant
195 LEONE Sierra Leone Mining, Exports and Pollution, by Sarah Sipkins
196 LESOTHO Lesotho Water Exports to South Africa and Conflict, by Yannick Poivey
197 JAPRICE Japan's Rice Imports and Economic and Environmental Relations, by Junko Saito
198 MEXWHALE Mexico Salt Mining and Whale Protection, by Renee K. Bury
199 ORCHID Orchids, Environmental Protection and Trade, by Renee K. Bury
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TED Case Studies, Volume 4, Number 2, June, 1995

200 TEAK Teak Deforestation and Trade in Southeast Asia and Conflict, by Kevin T. Kunkel and Teri Emmons
201 CANALTH Canal in Thailand: Economic Gains and Environmental Costs, by Kevin Kunkel
202 COCOA Cocoa from the Ivory Coast and Environmental and Social Impacts, by Ange-Berthe Gnoan
203 NILECROC Nile Crocodile Protection and Trade, by Gina E. Beck
204 ARCTIC Arctic Nuclear Waste Dumping by the USSR and Environmental Impacts, by
205 ALASKA Alaska Oil and Trade, by Jay Krasnow
206 PERCH Nile Perch and Lake Victoria Infestation Problem, by Ellen Grosman
207 SAOTOME Sao Tome Tourism and Results, by Sarah Sipkins
208 TILAPIA Tilapia Farming and Trade, by Cheryl M. Brown
209 UGANDA Uganda Environment and Tourism, by Cheryl M. Brown
210 TIJUANA Tijuana River Water Pollution into the US, by Ted Pauw
211 FLORIDO US Waste Exports to Mexico, by Douglas R. Freeman
212 BASMEX Basel Agreements Application to Mexico, by Diane McMahon
213 CARBON2 Mexican Power Plants and US Air Pollution, by Douglas R. Freeman
214 TOBAGO Tobago Tourism and Conflicts with Oil Production and Exports, Aya Tanaka
215 DANUBE Romanian Pollute of the Danube and River Traffic, by Christopher C. Ashe
216 ARTIFACT Native American Artifact Trade and Cultural Rights, by Amy Van Allen
217 PATANAL The Patanal and Exports of Animal Products, by Patricia Greer
218 BALTIC Baltic Pollution and Industrial Causes, by Scott A. Kocher
219 GERMBEER German Purity Beer Laws, by Mary-Anne Kocian
220 CASSIS Cassis and Trade Case in EU, Timothy Conley
221 MUSSEL Mussels, Trade and Invasive Species, by Michael C.E. Liles
222 LILLE Lillhammer Winter Olympic Games and the Environment, by Hilde Elin Haaland
223 TEMELIN Czech Nuclear Plan and Environment and Economic Comparisons, by Mary-Ellen Foley
224 BRONZE Bronze Trade in Ancient Rome, Recycling and War, by Brian K. Schwab
225 EULABEL EcoLabelling in the EU and Trade Implications, by Mari-Anne Kocian and Maya Dragicevic
226 ECCARBON EC Carbon Tax and Trade, by James Bonnell and Nathan J. Martz
227 GERMWAST German Hazmat Waste Exports to East Europe, by Maya Dragicevic
228 CHERNOB Chernobyl Accident, Environment and Trade Impacts, by Marc Guess
229 QUARRY Scottish Quarries, Exports and Environmental Impacts, by Robert D. Cohen
230 SHETLAND Shetland Oil Spill
231 VEAL Veal Exports from UK and Animal Rights, by Stephanie R. Haller

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TED Case Studies, Volume 5, Number 1, January, 1996

232 BAIKAL Lake Baikal Pollution in Russia and Tourism, by Amy Van Allen
233 BHOPAL Bhopal Disaster in India and Trade Aspects, by Trupti Patel
234 CHINCOAL China Coal Use and Environmental Impacts, by Angie Littlefield
235 DOOSAN Doosan River Environmental Disaster in Korea, by Angie Littlefield
236 CHIPKO Chipko Movement in India and Deforestation and Culture, by Charisse Espy
237 CHOPSTIK Japan Wood Imports of Chopsticks and Environmental and Health Impacts, by Jay A. Schmidt
238 FROGS Frog Trade and Species Loss in Indonesia, by Ilinca Bazilescu
239 HONGKONG Hong Kong Bay Pollution from Transportation and Fishing, Susan Lynne Tillou
240 KIDNEY Human Kidney Trade, by Trupti Patel
241 SEAHORSE Seahorse Trade and Exports from Philippines, by Elizabeth W. Doering
242 TAIWGAR Taiwan Garbage Exports, by Casey Quan
243 VIETWOOD Vietnam Timber Exports and Deforestation, by Brian W. Hill
244 ESTONIA Estonia and Nuclear Material Exports, by Christopher A. Corpora
245 MERCURY Russian Mercury Poisoning and Health Implications, by Christopher A. Corpora
246 MIMAMATA Minamata Bay Pollution in Japan and Health Impacts, by Angie Littlefield
247 TUMEN Tumen River Free Trade Area: Trade and Environment Implications, by Michael P. Lavallee
248 JUMBO Jumbo Pass Tourism in Canada and Deforestation in Skiing Areas, by Laurie Walsh
249 ASIAGOLF Golf, Tourism and Environment and Trade Aspects in Japan, by Laurie Walsh
250 PHILSUG Sugar Production, Trade, Economy, Environment and the Philippines, by Yuri Honda
251 DRIFTJAP Japan Driftnet Use and US Sanctions, by Takashi Morioka
252 EVEREST Everest Tourism and Environmental Implications, by Deborah Meisegeier
253 TIGERIND India Tiger Trade and China's Imports, by A. Charisse Espy
254 JAPANAIR Japan Air Pollution and TransBorder Pollution from China, by Alyssa Bleck
255 JAPANSEA Japan Sea Nuclear Waste Dumping and Fishing and Environmental Impacts, by Takashi Morioka
256 KAZAKH Kazakh Oil, Environment and Trade, by Vincent P. Bonner
257 KORPOLL Korea Air Pollution from China, by Beryl Kim
258 MEKONG Mekong Dam in Laos and Environmental Impacts, by Paul F. Macek
259 PHILWOOD Philippine Wood Exports and Deforestation, by Kelly McKenna and Alyssa Bleck
260 INDIATEA Tea Exports from India, by Beryl Kim
261 SRICORAL Sri Lanka Coral Loss and Environmental Impacts, by Teri Emmons
262 TANTALUM Tantalum Exports from Thailand and Environmental Pollution, by Joshua Rosen
263 THAISHMP Thai Shrimp Export and Loss of Mangroves and Wetlands, by Michael P. Lavallee
264 THREEDAM Three Gorges Dam, Environment and Trade Aspects, by Susan Lynne Tillou and Yuri Honda
265 KOMI Komi, Russia Oil Spill, by Ilinca Bazilescu and Bret Lyhus
266 DRIFTEC Driftnet Use in EC by Italy, by Christopher C. Ashe
267 KOMSO Russia Submarine Disaster and Nuclear Pollution in the Sea, by Vincent P. Bonner
268 MACEDON Macedonia Embargo and Environmental Impact on Waterways, by J. Lance Alloway
269 JAPGOLF Golf Tourism in Japan and Environmental Aspects, by Andrew W. Roberts
270 MURUROA French Nuclear Testing in Mururoa and Fishing Commerce Impacts, by Jay Krasnow
271 NUKESMUG Russia Nuclear Smuggling and Environmental Impacts, by Jay Krasnow
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TED Case Studies, Volume 5, Number 2, June, 1996

272 MEDWSTE German Medical Waste Exports to France, by Maren Brooks
273 SURINAM Surinam Wood Exports, by xxx
274 POTATO Irish Potato Famine, by Theresa Purcell
275 CASHMERE Cashmere Trade and China Growing Role, by Theresa Purcell
276 DEER Deer Farming and Trade, by David Baldwin
277 SCUBA Scuba Diving and Coral Protection, by David Baldwin
278 GEESE Geese Population Growth in the US and Environmental Problems, by Jason B. Silberberg
279 BEE Africa Honey Bee Invasions and Environmental and Economic Consequences, by Jason B. Silberberg
280 ASBESTOS Asbestos Trade, by Yasuko Mita
281 ZIMTOBAC Zimbabwe Tobacco: Economic and Environmental Importance, by Yasuko Mita
282 JPGOLF Golf's Social and Environmental Impact on Japan, by Akiko Takeda
283 BLOWFISH Eating Blowfish and Trade, by Akiko Takeda
284 JPSHRIMP Japan Shrimp Imports and Environmental Aspects, by Shugo Tanaka
285 CAMWOOD Cambodia Wood Trade, Conflict and Deforestation, by Shugo Tanaka
286 AFRDOG Serengeti Lions and Domestic Dog Disease, by Geoff Galster
287 MEXDEFOR Mexican Deforestation in the Sierra Madre, by Geoff Galster
288 NUTRIA Nutria Trade and Infestation, by Jason R. Miller
289 OSTRICH Ostrich Trade and New Farming, by Jason R. Miller
290 AIRNOISE Aircraft Noise and EU and US Dispute, by Katharine Harris
291 MADCOW Madcow and Beef Trade in Europe, by Katharine Harris
292 NITRATE Nitrate Trade in Chile and the Environment, by Adrian Muniz
293 BOLCOCA Bolivia and Coca: Trade and Environment, by Adrian Muniz
294 ANGDIAM Angola Diamond Trade, Environment and Conflict, by Sean D. Morris
295 LANDMINE Landmines, Cleanup and Trade,by Sean D. Morris
296 URCHIN Sea Urchin, Environment and Trade, by Tetsuko Hirai,
297 COMPUTER US Computer Recycling, by Tetsuko Hirai
298 OTOMI Otomi and Spain, by L. Valentina Delich
299 ABATE US Air Abatement and Pollution Alleviation Plans, by David Field
300 CLEAN US Clean Air Act and WTO, David Field
301 MEDFLY Medfly and Fruit in California, by Christopher Duvall
302 MAURITAN Mauritania Fishing Rights and Poaching, by
303 XXX xxx, by xxx
304 XXX xxx, by xxx
305 XXX xxx, by xxx
306 XXX xxx, by xxx
307 XXX xxx, by xxx
308 KARACHI Karachi, Pakistan and Seaport Pollution, by Theresa Augustus
309 LEATHER Leather Trade in Pakistan and Environmental Aspects, by Theresa Augustus
310 LUCKY Lucky Dragon Voyage, the H-Bomb and Fallout, by Atsuko Toi
311 BERING Bering Peace Park between US and Russia, by Atsuko Toi
312 RUBBER Rubber Trade History and Environment, by Eric Witte
313 CFCTRADE Illegal CFC Trade, by Eric Witte
314 ZAMBCOPP Zambia and Copper Trade and Its Environmental Impacts, by Irene Bomani
315 OAUWASTE OAU Waste Decree Plan on Imports, by Irene Bomani
316 BLUEFIN Bluefin Tuna Limits and Trade, by Takashi Morioka
317 GHANGOLD Ghana Gold Mining, Exports and Environment, by Sean Morris
318 IVORYWD Ivory Coast Wood Exports and Deforestation, by Sean Morris
319 ANGFISH Angola Fishing and Territorial Rights, Sean Morris
320 BOLSEA Bolivia Sea Access under Law of the Sea Treaty, by Damon C. Morris
321 ANCHOVY Anchovy Trade and Environment in History and Now, by Kenneth Clark
322 SARDINE Sardine Trade and Environment in History, by Kenneth Clark
323 BODY Body Parts Trade, by Glenn Baek
324 KAIDA China Toy Factory Exports, by Leigh Powell
325 SPRATLY Spratly Islands Dispute
326 IKO Iko Oil Spill in Nigeria, by Shehu Ibrahim
327 COSTTOUR Costa Rica Tourism and Deforestation, by Mark P. Stevens
328 COSMETIC EU Animal Testing Requirements, by Peter Erdman
329 LIGNITE Lignite Use in Germany and Air Pollution, by Timothy Conley
330 MADEIRA Madeira Islands, Tourism and Development, by Todd M. Porter
331 ITAIPU Itaipu Dam, Environment and Electricity Trade, by L. Valentina Delich and Patricia Greer
332 ARMENIA Armenia Deforestation, Conflict Nuclear Power, and the Environment, by Kenneth C. Baker
333 WALESOIL Wales Oil Spill and Environment, by Jeff Lynch
334 SPICE Spice, the Spread of Islam and Trade in History, by Karen Farrell
335 BALITOUR Bali, Tourism and Environmental Degradation, by Stephanie A. Thullen
336 THAITOUR Thailand Tourism and Environment, by Tamara Kruger
337 IRISH Ireland's Fishing Quotas, by Sharon McDermott
338 SUMMIT Summit Mine (Colorado) and Pollution, by Jennifer Gavin
339 INDSHRMP India and Shrimp Farming, by Dandamudi Sreenivasa Rao
340 WEATHER The Commodificiation of Weather Information, by Rebecca Saxe
341 USRECYC US Recycling Laws, Trade with Canada and Forest Impact, by Kerry Schwed
342 RUSSNUKE Russia Nuclear Technology Exports to India, by Mark A. Scheuer
343 XXX xxx, by xxx
344 CHUNNEL The Chunnel: France - UK Tunne land Trade and Environmental Impacts, by Jennifer Corney

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TED Case Studies, Volume 7, Number 1, January, 1997

345 MILK Milk, Genetic Hormones and EU-US Trade, by Athina Balta
346 FALKOIL Falkland Islands/Malvinas, Conflict, Trade and Oil Resources, by David J. Ross
347 VIETSHMP Vietnam, Shrimp Exports, and Declining Shrimp Resources, by
348 MOHAWK Mohawk Reservation Straddling US and Canada and Cigarette Trade, by Sarah Johnson
349 USBTUTAX US BTU Tax and Trade Implications, by Chris Bredehoeft
350 BEERCAN Canada Beer Imports and Environmental Protection, by Robert Cook
351 FRENCHTV French TV Broadcast Quotas and Cultural Protection, by Karen Rinaman
352 SPORTSIL Sports Illustrated Magazine Sales in Canada and Trade Quotas on Cultural Products, by Karen Rinaman
353 CMTVCAN The US-Canada Country Music Feud and Cultural Trade Protection, by Karen Rinaman
354 MEXPOWER Mexico Alternative Power Sources and Small-Scale Projects, by Gwendolyn Andersen
355 NEPPOWER Nepal and Small Scale Hydropower Projects, by Gwendolyn Andersen
356 THAIAIDS Thailand, Tourism, Prostitution and AIDS, by Kenneth Baker
357 PERUMINE Peru Mining, Environment and Trade, by Kenneth Baker
358 VENGOLD Venezuela Gold Mining, Pollution and Trade, by Brian Schwab
359 ALBANIA Albania's Waste Imports from Germany and Their Disposition, by Mara Cleary
360 TUNA3 Tuna3: Opposition to the 1997 Approach of Easing Restrictions, by Amanda Marx
361 CHIAPAS Chiapas, Corn Trade, NAFTA and Conflict, by Kimberly L. Mott and Allison L. Housman
362 ANDREEVA Andreeva Bay in Russia and Pollution, by Michael Goulet
363 POLWASTE Poland's Waste Imports from Germany and Environmental Impacts, by Chris Bredehoeft
364 INDPOWER India Power and Electricity Trade, by Theresa Augustus
365 KASHMIR Kashmir and Deforestation, by Christopher Duvall
366 PAKPOWER Pakistan Power Needs and Environment, by Theresa Augustus
367 SHADECOF Shade Coffee, Trade and the Environment, by Tom DeLorme
368 WOODLBL EU Wood Labels and Trade and Environment Implications, by Shawn Lee Bryant
369 ABUMUSA Abu Musa Island, Sovereignty Claims and Environmental Resources, by W. Corbett Dabbs
370 TRUCK NAFTA, Safety and Truck Trade, by Mark C. DeMier (with sound)
371 ORESUND Oresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark and Trade and Environment Impacts, by Jennifer L. Dopp
372 SAFRFOOD South African Food Trade, by Jennifer Erie
373 PETEN Guatemala Deforestation, Conflict, Environment and Trade, by
374 MAQUILA Maquiladora's, Trade and Environmental Impacts, by Steve Fox
375 MADAGAS Madagascar Deforestation: External and Internal Forces, by Kevin L. Hagan
376 PEARL Pearls, Oysters, Cultivation and Trade, by Carl Hilker
377 MAIZE Maize GMO Crops and Trade Disputes, by Jennifer Leeper
378 HARP Harp Seal Culling and Skin Exports to Europe, by Francie Makris.
379 MONO Mono Lake: Los Angeles is Drinking it Away, by Kevin Neal
380 AQABA Aqaba, Environment, and Tourism, by Tarik Obeidi
381 SELLA Irish Sea Nuclear Pollution, Fishing and Trade, by Eric Pratt
382 RIOGRAND Rio Grande River, Water Use and Pollution, and Relation to Trade, by Patrick Sanders
383 VINEWINE French Vine Disease, Trade, and Infestation, by Dan Sheahan
384 RUM Rum and Trade: History and NAFTA, by Anissa Turner
385 TURKMEN Turkmenistan Oil, Environment and Possible Exports, by Jerome D. Weltsch
386 RUSSAIR Russian Air Pollution and Health, by Marcela Rabi
387 RHINOBLK Black Rhinos, Horn and Trade, by Marcela Rabi
388 VICTORIA Lake Victoria and Invasive Species and Trade, by Jeff Lynch
389 HAITI Haiti Sanctions and Economic Impact, by Jeff Lynch
390 IRAQSANC Iraq Sanctions and Environmental and Economic Impacts, by Jeff Lynch
391 SERBSANC Serbia Sanctions, Trade and Environment, by Jeff Lynch
392 URAL Ural Mountains Radioactivity and Heath, by Michael Goulet
393 SIBNUKE Siberia Nuclear Contamination and Health, by Michael Goulet
394 xxxxx xxxxx
395 xxxxx xxxxx

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TED Case Studies, Volume 7, Number 2, June, 1997

396 CATS Cat Invasion of Australia and their Environment Impact, by Michele Ameri
397 ETHCOFF Ethiopia Coffee, Trade and Environment, by Tracey L. Cousin
398 HEMP Hemp Trade and its Legalization, by D. Michelle Domke
399 BST Bovine Hormone or BST and Trade Disputes, Tish Falco
400 TOMATO US-Mexico Tomato Dispute and Environment, by Jeffrey Franco
401 VOA Israel Bird Migration and VOA Transmitting Tower, by Lilach Grunfeld
402 ICEFISH Cod War: Iceland Fishing and Territorial Water Dispute with the UK, by David Kassebaum
403 NKORNUKE North Korea Nuclear Waste Imports from Taiwan and Environmental Impacts, by Chizuru Kato
404 CASPOIL Caspian Oil Trade and Environmental and Political Impacts, by Kathy Lalazarian
405 NICCANAL Nicaragua Canal Proposal and Trade and Environment Impacts, by Dianne Linder
406 CAMELID Camelids, Environment and Trade: The Introduction of Sheep Into Bolivia's Camelid Herding Industry, by Juliet Litterer
407 COZUMEL Cozumel (Mexico) Pier, Tourism and Coral Reef Damage NAFTA Case, by Amanda Marx
408 EBOLA Ebola, Trade, and the Environment, by Angela Joy Moss
409 BOLPIPE Bolivia Pipeline: Trade and Environment Implications, by Barbara Pando
410 ARGMINE Argentine Mining and Trade and Environment, by Sebastian Pawlowski
411 JAPANOIL Japan Oil Spill from Russian Tanker and Environmental Impacts, by Tracey Pratt
412 NAURU Nauru Habitat, Trade and Phosphate Mining, by Michael E. Pukrop
413 AVOCADO US-Mexico Avocado Dispute and Insect Infestation, by Mike Strollo
414 BUBONIC The Role of Trade in Transmitting the Black Death in the Middle Ages, by Richard Thomas
415 DAYABAY Daya (China) Nuclear Power Plant, Power Production and Possible Environmental Impacts, by Ann M. Weeks
416 SNOWPEA US Snowpea Imports from Guatemala and Environmental (Pesticide) and Social Impacts, by Stephanie Weinberg
417 RAYTHEON The Relocatable-Over-The-Horizon-Radar Controversy, by Justin J. O'Brien
418 SIVAM The SIVAM Project: Brazilian National Defense: International Politics & Power in the Amazon, by by Justin J. O'Brien
419 ORANG Exports to Japan, Deforestation in Indonesia and the Orangutan Population, by Jason R. Miller
420 CANCHOP Mitsubishi and Daishowa's Involvement in Canadian Deforestation and Disposable Chopstick in Japan, by Jason R. Miller
421 SUNKWOOD Sunken Wood in Lake Superior from the 1800s and Recycled Logs, by Jason R. Miller
422 UKNUKE UK Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing: Environmental and Trade Implications, by Melissa Krupa
423 EUCOPPER EU Copper Export Restriction and Dispute with US, by Jennifer L. Dopp
424 AUSTRUCK Austria, the EU, Truck Traffic and Air Pollution, by Jennifer L. Dopp
425 MSWEU EU Municipal Waste, Regulations Trade, by Jennifer Dopp
426 MYANSEX Trafficking of Burmese Women and Children into Thailand, by Kalaya Chareonying

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TED Case Studies, Volume 8, Number 1, January, 1998

427 QAT Qat, Environmental Impacts, Social Affects, and Trade, by Maren Brooks
428 SANDALWD Declining Sandalwood Forests and Smuggling, Cindy Ramanathan
429 DEADSEA Dead Sea Canal, Water and Trade, by Shari Berke
430 REINDEER Reindeer and Trade,
431 ROSE Roses, Colombia, Exports, Trade Disputes and Drugs, by Julissa Castellanos
432 AIRPORT Hong Kong Airport: Environmental and Trade Implications, by Kimberly Helen Colvin
433 MEXFIN Mexico Environmental Financing, by David Field
434 TELEDIS Teledesic Plan: Environmental and Trade Impacts, by Andrew H. Furber
435 OPIUM Opium Trade: Social and Environmental Impacts, by Cheng-Chia Huang
436 SHRIMP2 Protecting Sea Turtles and Shrimp Trade, Part Two: East Asian WTO Challenge, by Misa Kemmiya
437 PERUCOCA Peru, Coca Trade, and Environment, by Lloyd R. Lewis III
438 KENPEST Kenya Methyl Bromide (MB) Use and Exports to Europe, by N. Lowery
439 CRAYCHIN US-China Crayfish Dispute, by Bradley O. Martsching
440 HONDURAS The Mosquitia of Honduras: Key Trade and Environment Issues, by Danielle Morello,
441 RUSSFUR Russia Fur Trade and Fur Farms, by Julianna Peresvetova
442 VIETPEST Vietnam Pesticides Use and Agricultural Exports, by Hang A. Pham
443 SEAWASTE U.S. Navy Seawaste Dumping and International Rules Maritime Rules, by Brian Shannon
444 SALMON2 United States-Canada Salmon Dispute, by Karen E. Smith
445 MONUMENT Culture and Trade: UK-Greece Dispute over Ownership of the Elgin Marbles, by George Arvantides
446 SOYBEAN EU-US Soybean Gene Dispute, by Jamey Butcher
447 TOGO Environmental Impact of Iron Smelting In The Bassar Region of Togo: A Deforestation Problem in Precolonial West Africa Ancient Iron Exports and Technology in Togo, by Elizabeth Crittenden (Award Winner)
448 GRAMEEN The Grameen Bank and Nutrition of Women in Bangladesh, by Karen Ekpenyong
449 YOSEMITE Yosemite and Eco-Tourism, by Stephanie F. Goeller
450 OMANTOUR Oman Environment and Tourism Aspects, by Christopher C. Hoch
451 AMBER Amber Trade, Old and New, by Doug Jacobsen
452 ECOSMET EcoCosmetics: EU Animal Cosmetic Testing, by M. Dina Lehmann
453 STRWBERR US-Mexican Strawberry Dispute and Hepatitis, by Ryan Lindsay
454 OLIVE Morocco Olive Exports, Barriers and the Environment, Jeremy Martin (with sound)
455 RUSSSEX Russia Sex Exports, by Carrie McVicker
456 CHILEWD Chilean Forest Preservation and the Project River Condor, by Carl E. Meacham
457 CHERRY US-China Cherry Trade Dispute, by Ann Nichole Neufeld
458 CHICKEN EU/US Slaughterhouse Dispute over Chickens, by Alisa Pereira
459 CLEANER Dry Cleaning Pollution and US Mexico Trade, by Kristen Picariello
460 ARGBEEF Argentina Beef Exports and US Import Barriers, by Colleen Reed
461 POACHBUT US National Parks and Butterfly Poaching: International Trade Aspects, by Alex Roney
462 FLORIDA Alien Species Invasions in Florida and Economic and Environmental Impacts in Florida, by Damian Zimmerman
463 LAOSDAM Laos Dam, HydroElectric Trade and Environment, by Jennifer Wolf
464 URUGUAY Uruguay Rice Production, Exports, and Habitat Loss, by Helena Olivas
465 MAMMOTH Ancient Mammoth Ivory Trade and Environmental and Social Implications, by James R. Lee
466 APPLEMEX U.S. Apples Are Not So Red Delicious and Mexico's Apple Import, by Ben Singer
467 CHERRYMX Mexico Cherry Import Ban from US, by Ben Singer

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TED Case Studies, Volume 8, Number 2, June, 1998

468 QUETZAL Quetzal Bird Trade, Culture and Environment, by Tammy Barnhouse
469 CUBANUKE Cuba Nuclear Reactor and Environmental Risks: Cuba and Nuclear Energy: The Juragua Nuclear Power Plant in Cienfuegos, by Chad X. Brand
470 CAJUN Cajun, Crawfish, and China, by Christine Carrillo
471 GATOR Alligators in the 90's: From Near-Extinciton to Farms and Exports, by Guillermo Celaya
472 INDOFIRE Effects of Indonesia's Forest Fire: Internal and External Causes, by Yumi Cho
473 ZEBRA Zebra, Environment and Trade, by
474 ELECTRIC Electric Cars, Transportation Economics and the Environment in California, by Amy E. Croot
475 TORTOISE Testudo Kleinmanni: An Endangered Egyptian Tortoise and its Trade, by Rama Faye
476 CRAWFISH 1997 United States-China Crawfish Tail Meat Dispute, by Sharyn Fitzgerald
477 DOG A Modest Proposal: Possible Dog Exports from US and Social Issues, by Daniel Katz
478 CRAYFISH Germany-France Crayfish Trade and Dispute over Infestation, by Christian S. Larson
479 PISTACH US Pistachio Import Ban and Iran Exports, by Mary-Frances Styczynski
480 3GORGES Three Gorges Dam in China: Trade and Environmental Impacts Now and in the Past, Benjamin M. Ludlow
481 CHIMP Chimpanzees: The Value of Research versus Endangerment, by Andrea M. Lupo
482 SWORDFSH Protecting Industry or the Environment: Swordfish, Depletion and a Restaurant Boycott, by Stacey K. Marsh
483 IVORY Legal Ivory Trade and CITES, by Jaya Mathur
484 STURGEON Sturgeon, Caviar and Species Loss, by The Beluga Sturgeon: Caviar in danger?, by Martin Messier
485 ASIAFLU Asia Flu and Chickens, by Dong Jun Na
486 BULGARNK Bulgaria Nuclear Plant, Economic Output and Environmental Impacts, by Silvena Krasteva Nikolova
487 BRIDE Russian Bride Trade, by Valerie Chittenden
488 KANGAROO Pest or Beloved Mascot: The Kangaroo, Over-Population, Environment and Trade, by Chau Diem Pham
489 CAMEL Camels, Economics, and Trade, by Emmanuel Ruiz
490 CHEETAH Cheetah Conservation in Southern Africa, by Joseph Urbaniak
491 BLUECRAB Maryland Blue Crabs, Pollution and Trade, by Meg Weems
492 BISON Bison, Brucellosis and Beef, by James Wilroy
493 BASMATI Who owns It?: US-India Basmati Rice Dispute in WTO, Yemi Adewumi
494 PACIFICO West Colombia Development: Plan Pacifico in the Chocó Region of Colombia, by Lina Betancourt
495 JAGUAR Jaguar Hunting and Trade in Venezuela, by Jo Dickison
496 PAEKTU Korea Mountain Tourism, by Jongjung Lee
497 TORTILLA The Decline of the Tortilla Welfare State: Mexico Corn and Society, by Beth Jenkins
498 CHARCOAL West Africa Charcoal Trade and Deforestation, by Rensselear Resch (with music)
499 RUSSOIL Russia Oil, Native Peoples: Khanty Mansi Oil Development, by Sarah Shields
500 OLESTRA Olestra, Health and Trade, by Yoko Taniguchi

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TED Case Studies, Volume 9, Number 1, January, 1999

501 CUBAMINE Cuba Mining, Rights, and the Environment, by anonymous
502 AMWAY Amway in China, by Katie Do
503 VIAGRA Viagara and Species Protection, by Joerg Dreweke
504 MOROCCO Morocco Fishing and Culture, by Yasser El-Farouki
505 LATVIAOIL Latvia, Russian Oil, Human Rights, by Amy Guffy
506 ENGLISH The Ban on English on French Web Sites, by Amy Guffy
507 GUMARAB Gum Arabic Trade, Sudan, and Religion, Daniel Kim
508 BANGFROG Bengali Frog Exports and the Environmental Impact, by Marie Jacques
509 NEPALSEX Nepal Sex Trade, by Erin Richardson
510 RUGMARK Child Labor and Rug Exports, by Sarah Richardson
511 BURMA Burma and Economic Sanctions, by Kimie Tanabe
512 HUALLAGA Peruvian Cocaine and Environment, by John Portacareo
513 KORRICE Korean Rice Imports and Culture, by Jungsoo Han
514 JORDTOUR Jordan Tourism, Environment and Culture, by Serene Jweied
515 HAITIART Tourism and the Arts in Haiti, by Jean Philemond

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TED Case Studies, Volume 9, Number 2, January, 1999

516 SAUDPORK Pork Imports and Saudi Arabia, by Shehab Al-Fakhri
517 AROWANA Arowana Fish Trade, by Nakaba Chimura
518 RUSSCFC Russia CFC Trade, by Betsy Fishman
519 MALAYPRK Tourism and Malaysia's Taman Negara Park, by Jim Lee
520 TUNNY Bosporus Fish Depletion, by Teyfik Kor
521 CHOCOLAT Chocolate Substititues, by Veronique Kouame
522 KOMODO Komodo Dragon and Tourism, by Jo Dickison
523 LADOGA Lake Ladoga and Russian Tourism, by Courtney Nero
524 MANATEE Persian Gulf Manatee, by Dan Pattarini
525 MALTOBAC Malawi Tobacco and Environment, by Jen Poitras
526 SHRIMP3 Asia-US Turtle Dispute, by Usha Maharajah
527 MEXBREW Mexico-US Beer Dispute, by Michael Stebe
528 ARGRICE Argentina Rice Exports and Habitat, by Luis Torres
529 WHEAT Wheat and US China Relations, by Peter Wright
530 EELFARM Taiwan and Eel Farming, by Julian Wu
531 XMASTREE Christmas Tree Trade Dispute, by Chris Visser
532 XXX xxx, by xxxi
533 POKEMON Pokemon, Children and Trade, by Jennifer Crow
534 CYBERSIT Cyber-Sitting and Intellectual Property Rights on the Web, by Yohaan Demel
535 CHIPKO2 Deforestation, Culture, and Women in India, by Samantha Constant
536 BANANA2 US-EU Banana Dispute, by Kathleen Dean
537 KYOTO Kyoto Accord and Trade, by Lisa Raykovicz
538 HELMS Helms-Burton Case, by Jeffrey Clark
539 EUNOISE European Plane Noise Standards, by Nathan Kline
540 MOONROCK Moon Rocks and Trade, by Josh Pierry
541 XXXXX xxx
542 BEETLE2 China Exports and Beetle Infestations, by Fumi Tokunaga
543 ELEPHBOT Ivory Trade in Botswana, by Malefho Gopolang
544 CANOLA Canola and Genetics Trade, by Catarine Wikman
545 FETA Intellectual Property Rights of Feta Cheese, by Constantino Halkias
546 BORDERS Borders Bookstore Dispute, by Nicholas Standlick
547 SLAVE Slave Trade, by Desiree Hopkins
548 HALAL Halal and Meat Trade Regulation, by Shiwo Nagase
549 DATAWAR Data Privacy and Trade, by Kyriakos Vassilakos
550 BRACERO Bracero Program and Labor Rights, by Michelle Tiedeman
551 BIGMAC McDonalds and Labor Rights under NAFTA, by Adam Costanzo
552 CRYPTO Cryptography and Exports, by John Sutton
553 PISTACHIO Iran and Pistachio Trade, by Maria Christina Zeid
554 PICKER Apple Picker Rights under NAFTA, by Geneveive Brittain
555 SUBSAHAR US Africa Trade Bill, by Rebecca Brich
556 RUSSTEEL Russia Steel Exports, by Tyler Graden
557 PRISON Prison Labor and Trade, by James Reeves
558 EUGENBAN EU Bans on Genetic Imports, by Ansar Mohideen
559 INDBEEF India Beef Import Policy, by Tarun Pattni
560 XXXXX xxx
561 CELLULAR Cellular Phones, Health and Trade and, by Khalid Abu Kobe
562 COCONUT Japan-Philippines Coconut Trade and Dietary Fashions, by Hiromi Inoi
563 NIKE Nike and Pakistani Child Labor, by Faraz Azam
564 IVORY2 Liberalization of Ivory Trade, by Hussein Hindawi
565 FUNERAL Funeral Home Dispute, by Timmy Thomas
566 WATER Canada-US Water Trade, by Mohammed Karroum
567 CAMPFIRE Campfires and Elephant Preservation in Zimbabwe, by Amanda Hilligas

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TED Case Studies, Volume 9, Number 3, September, 1999

568 KEDAH Japanese Development Aid to Malaysia, by Nao Matsui
569 xxxxx xxxxx, by xxxxx
570 COLSPILL Colombia, Civil War, Native Peoples and Oil, by Gissel Gazzek
571 FORMULA1 Formula One Racing, the Economy and the Environment in Malaysia, by Emily Teh
572 LANGKAWI Langkawi Island in Malaysia and Tourism, by Eva Yoong
573 MALACCA Malacca Straights and the Impact of Transportation on the Environment, by Sharina Gran
574 PIGVIRUS Malaysian Pig Virus and Trade and Environment, by Say Hong Kong
575 KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Trade and Environment, by Foo Kim Leong (Michael)
576 MALAYTIN Malaysia and Tin Mining, by Rebecca Lau
577 MSC MultiMedia Super Corridor and Trade, Culture and Environment, by Soon Loi Wong (Sonny)
578 XXXXX xxxxx, by xxxxx
579 MALAYOIL Malaysia Oil Trade and Environmental Impacts, by Toh Ch'ng Yeow (with sound)
580 GINSENG Ginseng, Trade, Culture and Environment, by Jennifer Gehr

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TED Case Studies, Volume 10, Number 1, January, 2000

6th TED Virtual Conference

581 NATO NATO Nuclear Waste in Macedonia, by Joe Lumpkin
582 SCOTCH Intellectual Property Rights of Scotch, by Elizabeth McRoberts
583 PENAN Malaysia, Deforestation and Indigenous Rights, by Karine Roche
584 HAVENS Internet Data Havens, by Joshua Rosenblum
585 ORANGE Brazilian Orange Exports and Child Labor, by Nicole Talley
586 CAMWASTE Waste Exports from Taiwan to Cambodia, by Abbi Tatton
587 CYPRUS Cyprus, Water and Agriculture, by Marios Vassilou
588 AMAZON Amazon and Ecotourism, by Donnalyn Gazza
589 ROSE1 Rose Trade and Ecuador, by Laura Holt

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TED Case Studies, Volume 10, Number 2, June, 2000

7th TED Virtual Conference: Cases of a High Moral Content

590 BUDWEIS Who Owns the Name Budweiser?, by Blanka Homolova
591 SILKROAD The Silk Road Trade: Now and Then, by David McKeeby
592 URBTOUR Urban Tourism and Heritage Sites in Bahia, Brazil, by Michael Mogensen
593 JADE Jade and its Historic and Modern Meanings for Trade, by David Naltner
594 ADOPT Adoption as Trade and Cultural Differences, by Deborah Ng
595 NOKIA Nokia and Finnish Cultural Identity, by Matti Pohjonen
596 DOLLY Dolly the Sheep and the GMO Agreement, by Amy Schulz
597 TRAFFIC Traffic in Russian Women, by Anne Spevacek
598 GUATCOFF Guatemala Coffee, Health and the Environment, by Cecilia Stoute
599 COSTUME Halloween, Costume Trade, and Trade, by Tatyana Varyukhina
600 MUMMY Mummy Trade and Their Return, by Heather Van Buren
601 DOLLAR The Dollar, Trade and Development, by Suzannah Wimberly
602 ECOMMENV E-Commerce, Trade and the Environment, by Eric Letvin
603 CARTAGENA The Cartagena Agreement on Biosafety, by Emily A. Berger
604 ASBESTOS-EU Conflict Between the World Trade Organization, the European Community and Environmental Protection: The French Asbestos Ban, by Leslie M. Hill

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TED Case Studies, Volume 11, Number 1, January, 2001

8th TED Virtual Conference: After Seattle: New Cases that Will Help Define the Limits of the World Trading System

605 IRISHMUSIC Irish Music vs. U.S. Copyright Act Law, by Dima Al-Azem
606 THAIWOMEN Women Trafficking from Thailand to Japan, by Tomoko Ashizuka
607 CUBATOUR Cuba: The Thailand of The Caribbean, by Lisa Campeau
608 SOCCERTRADE European Soccer War, by Niklas Enander
609 SURINAMWOOD Surinam Forest Deal with Malaysia, by Sharon Grau
610 SUKPAI Deforestation in the Russian Far East-The Sukpai Case, by James Griffin
611 IRANPIPELINE Iran to India Natural Gas Pipeline: The Implications for Regional and Foreign Policy Transformation , by Shamila Chaudhary
612 XXX xxx, by xxx
614 BOLPIPES The Desaguadero Oil Spill: Bolivian Pipeline Spills and Environment Impacts, by Mauricio Rios
615 SAIPAN Saipan, Textiles, and Labor Rights, by Elizabeth Sobel
616 GRAPPA Who owns Grappa? Name and EU-South Africa Trade Agreement, by Petra Ticha
617 BURMAPIPELINE Burma Gas Pipeline and US Court Case, by Zaw Oo
618 MONGOLIA Globalization of the Cashmere Industry In Mongolia, by Gretchen Warner
619 BODYSHOP The Bodyshop and Exploitation Claims, by Samantha Xiao
620 XXX xxx, by xxx

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TED Case Studies, Volume 11, Number 2, June, 2001

9th TED Virtual Conference: 2001: Earth Odyssey

621 KATHYLEE Kathy Lee Gifford & Sweat Shops Allegations, by Sajeed Asghar
622 FIJI Fijian Sugar Plantations and the Ethnic Battle to Govern an Island Nation, by Erica Blodgett
623 BRIBERY Transnational Bribery, by Ronald Oman
624 CUBAMUSIC Dancing With the Enemy: Defying the Embargo or Making a Case for a 'Buena Vista Social Club, by Calvin Fortenberry
625 PROTON Malaysian Proton and AFTA: Threat or Advantage?, by Tamara Gabilia
626 AIDSTRIPS Intellectual Property and AIDS Medication, by Rick Hink
627 KOREASUBSIDY The Trappings of Globalization: Korea's Modernization and the Resulting Internal Labor and Social Problems, by Jae Jo
628 MEXICODL The Social Aspects of Distance Learning in Mexico, by Lisa Campeau
629 TEQUILA Tequila: Trade, Culture and Environment, by Joshua James
630 RUNAWAY Runaway Movie Production, by Amy Johnston
631 FAIRTRADE Fair Trade in the Virtual Markets of Ecuador, by Christina Kibler
632 PRISONORGANS Illegal Human Organ Trade from Executed Prisoners in China, by Dena Kram
633 AFRICATEXTILE Africa Textiles: 2001, by Gabriel Lazier
634 XXX, xxx, by xxx
635 THAIRICE Thai Rice: Trade, Culture and Freedom from GM Seed, by Amy Lofgren
636 EBONY Ebony, Music, and Deforestation in East Africa, by Uta Saoshiro
637 COFFEECOLOMBIA Coffee Market and Colombia , by Azuma Miura
638 ARTIFACTKOREA Wegyujanggak Uigwes: The Plundered Korean Cultural Properties by France in 1866, Korean Artifacts in France, by Ju-Won Moon
639 JWHALE2. Japan’s Whaling: Cultural and Environmental Aspects, by Hiroto Nakamura
640 KIMCHI Japan Korea Kimchi Dispute, by Misuzu Nakamura
641 USJAPANCONNECT US-Japan Telecom Dispute, by Daisuke Okuyama
644 COSTDL The Social Aspects of Distance Learning in Costa Rica, by Lisa Campeau
645 DATAPRIVACY, Data Privacy and Electricity Consumption,by Drew Minniti

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TED Case Studies, Volume 12, Number 1, January, 2002

10th TED Virtual Conference: The Road to Qatar

646 SENEGAL-GROUNDNUT Senegal's Trade in Groundnuts: Economic, Social and Environmental Implications, by Coura Badiane
647 ICEMAN The Iceman, by Gisella Casanovas
648 COSTA-RICA-TOUR The Pros and Cons of Ecotourism in Costa Rica, by Julie Dasenbrock
649 BRAZIL-AIDS Brazil, AIDS, and Intellectual Property, by Susan Gillman
650 CHAD-PIPELINE Chad Oil Pipeline to Cameroon and Its Impacts, by Shane Hough
651 CZECH-CHILDREN-TRADE Child Trafficking and Child Exploitation, by Jitka Hromek
652 VIETNAM-COFFEE Vietnam, Coffee Exports and the Environment, by Janine Johnston
653 TISZA-SPILL The Tisza River Spill, the Romanian Gold Mine, and International Environmental Implications, by Eva Kazsala
654 BEEDE Bonded Child Labor in India: Hand-rolling Beedi Cigarettes, by Martha Kim
655 BACARDI The Piracy of Havana Club Run, by Jacqueline Lirtzman
656 ITALY-WOMEN-TRAFFIC The Trafficking of Nigerian Women in Italy, by Allison Loconto
657 MEXICO-SUGAR Mexican Sugar and Trade, by Brenda Martinez
658 JAPAN-GARBAGE Garbage Disposal in Japan, by Noriko Vitkevich
659 CHINA-NUCLEAR Nuclear Energy: A US/China Trade Issue (Cross-link to ICE Case 90) , by Melanie Mork
660 JORDAN-FTA-LABOR Provisions for Labor in International Trade Agreements: The Precedent of the US-Jordan Treaty, by Jason Netherton
661 PHILIPPINE-TRAFFIC Philippines and Human Traffic, by Nitara Nivatvongs
662 ZINFANDEL Zinfandel, by Anita Tepsic

TED Case Studies, Volume 12, Number 2, June, 2002

11th TED Virtual Conference: Beyond Trade and War

663 KYOTO-EMISSIONS Kyoto Protocol and Implications for Emissions Trading, by Joshua Carter
664 CHOCOLATE-SLAVE Chocolate and Slavery: Child Labor in the Ivory Coast, by Samlanchith Chanthavong
665 NEEMTREE The Neem Tree, Environment, Culture and Intellectual Property, by Sara Hasan
666 EURO The Euro and its Cultural and Social Implications, by Jeffrey Orschel
667 ALPACA The Alpaca: A South American Camelid, by Mariana Vega
668 TAJ The Taj Mahal: Pollution and Tourism, by Sean Farrell

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TED Case Studies, Volume 13, Number 1, January, 2003

12th TED Virtual Conference: Implementing Doha

669 WINE-PACT The Wine Pact: New World Wines Change the Industry, by Alison Spitzer
670 WATER-ARGENTINA Privatization of Water Management in Argentina , by Jason Bricker
671 WATER-AUSTRIA Austria's Water, by Diana Dimova
672 MACA Maca: Trade Culture and Environment Issues, by Jane Gindin
673 GAS-RUSSIA-JAPAN Russia Natural Gas Exports to Japan and Environmental Issues, by Tomoyoshi Hisamori
674 NORDIC-POWER Nordic Countries, Electricity, and Environmental Choices, by Anna Karkovska

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TED Case Studies, Volume 13, Number 2, June, 2003

13th TED Virtual Conference: Implementing Doha II

675 FETA2 The Granting to Greece of the Rights to Feta, by Georgia Economou
676 CHINA-RELIC Trade in Chinese Relics, by Thomas DeStefano
677 PARMESAN Cultural Geographic Indicators and the Case of Parmesan, by Elizabeth Jahncke
678 US-CHILD-SEX US and Children in International Trade, by Ashleigh Kramer-Walthall
679 CHILD-LABOR-BANGLA Child Labor in Bangladesh and International Trade, by Mercedes Torres
680 CHILD-SEX-GEORGIA Georgian Children and International Sex Trade, by Danielle Murtha
681 HAWALA The Hawala Currency Trading System and its Links to Terrorism, by Joshua Kleymeyer
682 KOREA-APPLE Korean Apples and Pressures to Liberalize the Market, by Jihyun Kim
683 JAIL US Jails and Prisoners in International Commerce, by Katherine Habecker

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TED Case Studies, Volume 14 Number 1, January, 2004

14th TED Virtual Conference: Geographic Indications I

684 TALIABAN-POPPY Poppy Production, Conflcit and Afghanistan, by by Alison Lawlor
685 BAIJU Chinese Baiju and Cultural Geographic Indicator Claims, by Diana Alonzo
686 VANILLA Vanilla and East Africa and Cultural Geographic Indicators, by Ali Alwahti
687 COMPUTER-RECYCLING New Approaches to Computer Recycling, by Reina Azuma
688 REPRODUCTIVE-TRADE Trade in Reproductive Human Biota, by Alice Carlson
689 DISTANCE-LEARNING-TRADE Distance Learning and Multilateral Trade Rules, by Jessica Corlett
690 PARMA Parma Ham, by Merima Dulic
691 CIGAR-TRADE Cuban Cigars, Trade, and Cultural Geographic Indicators, Brian Frankenberry
692 ENOLA-BEAN Enola Bean, by Danielle Goldberg
694 PAKISTAN-TEA Smuggling of Tea in Pakistan, by Michael Hare
695 WEISSBIER Weiss Bier and Cultural Geographic Indicators, by Bradley Hyatt
696 POLISH-VODKA Polish Vodka and Cultural Geographic Indicators, by Michalina Koziol
697 XXX xxx, by xxx
698 TERRACOTTA, Chinese Terracotta Warriors and the Impacts of Tourism, by Thomas DeStefano
699 REDSEA The Red Sea and Environment, by Yoseph Nasser
700 PANDA-TOUR Panda's, Ecotourism and Conflicts, by Anthony Sutton
701 SARS SARS, Trade, and Endangered Species, by David Vittal
702 XXX xxx, by xxx
703 SMIRNOFF Smirnoff and Russian Cultural Geographic Indicators, by Timur Zhakselekov
704 REDWHEAT US and Canada Dispute on Red Wheat, by Joel Zimmerman
705 xxx, xxx, by Melissa Arauz
706 xxx, xxx, by xxx
707 URBAN-FOREST-THAILAND, Urbanization and Deforestation in Thailand, by Angelena Arellano, Robin Jones, Kelly Meyer, and Kevin Shaughnesssy (T)
708 NEW-FUELWOOD, Alternative Fuel Sources in Nepal, by Paul Bealor, Matthew Brayfield, Biplaw Rai, and Benjamin Smith (T)
709 WILDLIFE-INDIA, Hunting on the India and Nepal Border, by Shey Bosley, Ian Rucker, and R. Samuel Theismann (T)
710 PAKISTAN-HUNTING, Hunting in Pakistan, by Nurjamal Asanova and Almas Tulepov (T)
711 KENTUCKYBOURBON Kentucky Bourbon and Protected Geographic Indication, by Suzan Herzeg, Bryan Rund and Jim Lee
712 TENNESSEWHISKEY Tennesse Whiskey and Protected Geographic Indication, by Suzan Herzeg, Bryan Rund and Jim Lee
713 CANADIANWHISKEY Canadian Whiskey and Protected Geographic Indication, by Suzan Herzeg, Bryan Rund and Jim Lee
714 MEZCAL Mezcal and Protected Geographic Indication, by Suzan Herzeg, Bryan Rund and Jim Lee
715 FLORIDA ORANGE Florida Orange and Protected Geographic Indication, by Suzan Herzeg, Bryan Rund and Jim Lee
716 IDAHOPOTATO Idaho Potato and Protected Geographic Indication, by Suzan Herzeg, Bryan Rund and Jim Lee
717 VIDALIAONION Vidalia Onion and Protected Geographic Indication, by Suzan Herzeg, Bryan Rund and Jim Lee

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TED Case Studies, Volume 14 Number 2, June, 2004

15th TED Virtual Conference: Geographic Indications and Tourism I

711 KENTUCKYBOURBON Kentucky Bourbon and Protected Geographic Indication, by Mike Jones
718 GEORGIAPEACH Georgia Peaches and Protected Geographic Indication, by Ruth Bryant
719 HAWAIICOFFEE Hawaii Coffee and Protected Geographic Indication, by Milena Gaviria
720 CREMECASSIS Creme de Cassis, the EU and Protected Geographic Indication, by Katherine Littlefield
721 CACHACA Cachaca from Brazil and Protected Geographic Indication, by Brian Morgan
722 PANAMAHAT Panama Hats and Protected Geographic Indication, by Hwan Pak
723 OUZO Ouzo and Protected Geographic Indication, by Lisa Taylor
724 HONDA Honda and Intellectual Property, by Atsuo Yoshimura
725 HAITIRICE Haitian Rice and Protected Geographic Indication, by Josianne Georges
726 ALASKASALMON Alaska Salmon and Protected Geographic Indication, by Thomas Hommeyer
727 IRISHWHISKEY Irish Whiskey and Geographic Indications, by Seamus O'Connner
728 COGNAC Cognac and Protected Geographic Indication, by Milica Kocica
732 GREEKMARBLES Elgin Marbles and Tourism Implications, by Sara Anderegg
733 MOUNTAINTOUR Mountain Tourism and Sacred Cultures, by Mark Cornish
734 NATIVETOURISM Native Americans and Tourism, by Jeffrey Jetton
735 USJAPANTOURISM US Tourists from Japan and Changing Markets, by Mitsuhiro Takeda
736 PANAMATOUR Panama Tourism and Sustainability, by Fernando Eleta Casanovas
737 KENYATOURAID Kenyan Tourism and Foreign Aid, by Shaun Mann
739 MOROCCOTOUR Morocco Tourism and Cost and Benefits to Economy, Environment and Culture, by Nadia Sandi
740 GREENLUXURY Luxury Hotels and Green Policies, by Jun Du
741 ECOTOURHOTEL Ecotourism and Structures, by Daniel Zlatev
742 SAUDIVISA Saudi Arabia and US Visas, by Wafa Al Otaiby
743 CHINAVISA China and US Tourist Visas, by Qingbo Gao
745 ITTOUR Information Technology and Tourism, by Zach Rozga
747 KUNA Kuna in Panama and Tourism Challenges, by Melissa Arauz
745 USVISA US Tourism and Security, by Jakub Detko
746 TAIWANCREDIT Taiwan Tourism and Credit Security, by Chun Rong Huang
748 SPOONBILL Spoonbill, Industry and Pollution in Taiwan, by Meng Ju Liu
746 SAFFRON Saffron and Protected Geographic Indications, by Roddy Rasti

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TED Case Studies, Volume 14 Number 3, August, 2004

16th TED Virtual Conference: Geographic Indications II

749 CUBA-COFFEE Cuban Coffee and the Process and the Product, by Caroline Danauy
750 TSINGTAO Tsingtao Beer and Trademark and Geographic Indication Claims, by Dustin Hill
751 BLUEGRASS Kentucky Bluegrass, by Sherry Holbus
752 DARJEELING Darjeeling Tea, by Gadi Kenny
753 PIZZA Real Neapolitan Pizza, by Todd Konieczka
754 SAKE Sake, Japan and Autheticity, by Mayumi Kudo
755 SWEET-MILK Leche de Sucre (Sweet Milk) and Claims by Argentina and Uruguay, by Kenia Mendoza
756 NORWAY-FJORD-HORSE Norwegian Horse Breed Registry and Claims on Authenticity, by Kristine Austgulen
756 KENYA-BBQ Nyamchoma, Endangered Species and Kenyan Tourism, by Jinseon Ahn
757 KIWI Kiwi Fruit and Claims on Authenticity, by Shin Young Yun
758 SOJU Soju, Taxes and Claims on Korean Authenticity, by Joon Hye Han

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TED Case Studies, Volume 15, Number 1, January 2005

17th TED Virtual Conference: Geographic Indications and Tourism

759 KENYA-COFFEE Kenya Coffee, by Kelly Jo Bahry
760 TURKISH-TOBACCO Tobacco and Turkish Quality, by Melissa Brockley
761 OOLONG-TEA Oolong Tea, by Mei-Ling Chen
762 PORK-ENZYME Pork Enzymes in Food and Food Safety, by Risa Ciccone
763 POLISH-CHEESE Oscypek: Polish Cheese, by Andrew Helegda
764 PERSIAN-RUGS Persian Rugs, by My Hanh Hoang
765 CEYLON-TEA Ceylon Tea, by Chun-Ting Lee
766 ARECA Areca Nuts from Taiwan, by Chun-yu Liu
767 ARGAN-OIL Argan Oil from Morocco, by David Luth
768 SOYBEAN-PATENT Soybeans and GMO Products, by Itaru Nitta
769 VIETNAM-FISH-SAUCE Vietnamese Fish Sauce, by Mary Nguyen
770 TUMERIC Tumeric and Patents, by Alyson Slack
771 KOBE Kobe Beef from Japan, by Meghan Staley
772 CATS-CLAW Cat's Claw Herbal Remedy, by Chris von Spiegelfeld
773 TABASCO Tabasco Sauce, by Denise Woltering
774 PHILIPPINE-BANANA The Philippines, Bananas and Environment, by Reina Azuma
775 JORDAN-FTA-LABOR US-Jordan FTA and Labor Rights, by Bashar Malkawi

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TED Case Studies, Volume 15 Number 2, June, 2005

18th TED Virtual Conference: Geographic Indications and Tourism

776 MOZZARELLA Mozzarella Cheese from Italy, by Susanne Caramanica
777 RIOBAS Riobas Tea from South Africa, by Lindsay Carter
778 JAFFA Jaffa Oranges from Israel, by Isaac Congedo
779 GRENADINE Grenadine Syrup from the Grenadines, by Deanna Coon
780 GUARANA Gurana Berries from Brazil, by Ian Demello
781 SHIRAZ Shiraz Wine from Australia, by Ali Jowza
782 LAMBANOG Lambanog, a Philippine Drink, by Jolene Porter
783 BILTONG South African Biltong Sausages, by Anne Sweeny
784 KILLUM Turkish Killum Rugs, by Jessica Tacka
785 BAKLAVA Red Pistachio Baklava from Syria, by Owais Tomhe
786 CASHMERE-GI Cashmere from Kashmir, by Koji Yamamoto
787 CHANDERI-SILK Chanderi Silk from India, by Emily Steele
788 IRAN-CAVIAR Iranian Caviar and Species Loss
789 GAMING Gaming and Toursim, by Alexander Hirsch
790 BELIZE-CRUISE Belize Cruises and Tourism, by Nestor Mendez
791 PACIFIC-SALMON Pacific Northwest Salmon and Tourism, by Mary Perrin
792 GHUIZHOU Rural Tourism in Western China, Ghuizhou, by Yuan Fang
793 ADS, China and Approved Destination Status Tourism, by Jolene Li
794 OPEN-SKIES Open Skies Policy and Tourism Impacts, by Brian Beall
795 BUUCCOO Buuccoo Reef Marine Park in Tobago and Tourism, by Rachel Bradshaw
796 GREEN-BUILDING Green Buildling, by Roman Groysmanin
797 AMISTAD La Amistad Central America Peace Park, by Daniel Chang
798 MEDICAL-TOURISM Medical Tourism, by Alyssa Morrison
799 THAI-CHILD Thailand Tourism, Sexual Trade and Tourism, by Alex Cutler
800 KALOFER Bulgarian Eco-Tourism and Sustainable Development, by Milena Nikolova
801 SPAIN-TOUR Spanish Tourism and the Camino de Santiago, by Hugo Prado
802 NAMIBIA-TOUR Namibia, Elephant Conservation and Tourism, by Andrea Pollard
803 WHALE-WATCH Whale Watching in New Zealand, by Hui-Hsenh Yeh
804 JAMAICA-RETIRE Jamaica Retirement and Tourism, by Sekeno Aldred
805 IRAN-TOUR Iran and Tourism, by Pontia Fallahi
806 NIAGARA Agro-tourism and the Niagara Project, by Joshua O'Driscoll
807 PERU-CULTURE Peru Culture and Tourism, by Tathiana del Arroyo

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